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Finnish Snowboarding Championships 2013

Posted on 9. Apr. 2013

Silver medal in halfpipe in Finnish Snowboarding Championships 2013! The event was held on 6. Apr. 2013 at Ruka Superpipe. Unfortunately the championship slipped from my fingers by only half points! Next year is the last year for me in minors, so I still have one chance to improve before moving up to junior league!


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Samsung Koffari Slopestyle 2013

Posted on 5. Mar. 2013

It was time for this fantastic event again! Samsung Koffari Slopestyle is is held yearly in the middle of Helsinki, in the legendary Sinebrychoff Park. Below is the official Samsung Koffari Slopestyle 2013 -video from the event.

Photo below by Sami Pitkänen


Photo below by Henri Kunnas


Photo below by Emilia Savolainen


Here's my "report" from Koffari, shown on Finnish national TV-channel on 3.3.2013. The blue dude is my little brother!

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Rip Curl Alive and Kickin at Serena!

Posted on 4. Mar. 2013

Rip Curl Alive and Kickin at Serena on Saturday 2.3.2013, below some photos (by Teemu Heljo) from the event. I was the winner of the Bob Marley -division! Rastaman Vibration!

Me and my Pakastin Helsinki sports club teammate Joonas enjoying the atmosphere. Photo by Mikko Bergman.


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February 2013 Edit!

Posted on 26. Feb. 2013

Testing my new Völkl Squad Jr. snowboard! Filmed and edited in February 2013.

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Backflipping at Tuusula water tower

Posted on 26. Feb. 2013

Few backflips at Tuusula water tower.


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Stadium photoshoot session at Kivikko, Helsinki

Posted on 24. Feb. 2013

Stadium sportstore organized another photoshoot session at Kivikko on 22.2.2013. Few photos below from the event!

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Halfpipe Action!

Posted on 23. Feb. 2013

Photoshoot session at Talma halfpipe.


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Parkkiskabat, Sappee 2013

Posted on 12 Feb. 2013

Silver medal in Parkkiskabat -tour in slopestyle! The event was held on 10. Feb. 2013 at Sappee. My Pakastin Helsinki sports club teammate Joonas won and my Sinne Youth Boardshop teammate Valtteri was 3rd. Photo by Mikko Bergman.


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Talma Ski commercial

Posted on 8. Feb. 2013

Having some halfpipe fun at sunny Talma Ski TV-commercial, currently being broadcasted in Finnish TV. Here's the clip:

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Stadium photoshoot session at Talma

Posted on 7. Feb. 2013

Stadium sportstore organized a photoshoot session at Talma on 2.2.2013. The event was open for everybody, and it was a lot of fun! Here are some photos of me from the event!

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New Sponsor!!

Posted on 23. Jan. 2013

Got nominated for Völkl sponsorship! Currently riding Squad Jr. and so far the board has felt awesome!


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BNGR! Videocamp 2013

Posted on 18.1.2013

BNGR! Videocamp 12.-13.1.2013 at Riihivuori, Muurame. Filmed and edited by young riders themselves.


Photo below by Ellen Huttunen.


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World Snowboard Day 2012

Posted on 31.12.2012

Snowboarding at Talma on World Snowboard Day 2012.

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Christmas Eve Backyard Fun!

Posted on 24.12.2012

What to do on Christmas eve while waiting for Santa? Well, this!

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Parkkiskabat, Vuokatti 2012

Posted on 12.12.2012

Some podiums from Finnish Snowboarding Association's "Parkkiskabat" -tour at Vuokatti! 1st place from minors Halfpipe (29.9.2012) and 3rd place from minors Slopestyle (8.12.2012). Japan Air, photo by Anitta Ikola.


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