Skateboarding with Henna!

Posted on 10.11.2012

Skateboarding with my Sinne Youth Boardshop team mate and good friend Henna Ikola at Hyvinkää "The Ramp" and Kontula skatehall (Helsinki).

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Jämsä miniramp sessions in July 2012

Posted on 2.11.2012

Skateboarding at Jämsä (central Finland) miniramp on summer 2012.

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Summer 2012 trip to Folgefonna

Posted on 1.11.2012

The last summer (2012) trip to Folgefonna Glacier in Norway was awesome! When not snowboarding, we had other fun activities such as wake- and skateboarding. My part in the first clip is at 1:12 and in the second clip at 2:32. Thanks to Paulus (Sinne Youth Boardshop) for organizing the trip!

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S-K-A-T-E tour 2012

Posted on 11.11.2012

Sinne Youth Boardshop S-K-A-T-E tour, Lahti (Laune skatepark) on 10.6.2012. Second place in the contest and best trick win.


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