I'm a Finnish 2001 born skate- and snowboarder. I've been skateboarding since 2008 and snowboarding since 2009. My current sponsors are Völkl Snowboards (Völkl GmbH & Co. KG), Skullcandy Finland, Talma Glacier and Sinne Youth Boardshop. My snowboarding sports club is Pakastin Helsinki. I live in southern Finland and my homeresort is Talma. It's quite small, but big enough for halfpipe and slopestyle! When I'm not snowboarding, skateboarding, at school or doing my homework, I'm most probably spending time with my friends, playing drums or PS3 gaming. My favourite game series is Skate (1, 2 and 3). My favourite artist is Bob Marley and my favourite food is noodles (and cheeseburgers).

As my view of life, I'm following the "one love" ideology. It refers to the universal love and respect expressed by all people for all people, regardless of race, creed, or color. The source of the ideology is the rasta movement.


Winter 2012-2013:
Position Event Where When Sport League
1st Finnish Snowboard Association "Parkkiskabat" Vuokatti (FIN) 29. Sept. 2012 Halfpipe minors
3rd Finnish Snowboard Association "Parkkiskabat" Vuokatti (FIN) 8. Dec. 2012 Slopestyle minors
1st Finnish Snowboard Association "Parkkiskabat" Kasurila (FIN) 12. Jan. 2013 Slopestyle minors
2nd Finnish Snowboard Association "Parkkiskabat" Sappee (FIN) 10. Feb. 2013 Slopestyle minors
2nd Snowboarding Finnish Championships Ruka (FIN) 6. Apr. 2013 Halfpipe minors
Winter 2011-2012:
Position Event Where When Sport League
1st Samsung Koffari Slopestyle Helsinki (FIN) 11. Mar. 2012 Wallride session open
5th Snowboarding Finnish Championships Ruka (FIN) 23. Mar. 2012 Slopestyle minors
Winter 2010-2011:
Position Event Where When Sport League
3rd Youngster Tour Talma (FIN) 12. Mar. 2011 Slopestyle minors

Plus some podiums from minor contests.

Why blog?

Sponsors. I've been privileged to have such great companies supporting my snowboarding activities that I felt it important to have a blog. They support me and I support them by sharing my adventures to the world!


A big thanks to the following parties:

  • My awesome skate- and snowboarding friends!
  • Paulus Ähtävä at Sinne Youth Boardshop
  • Völkl Snowboards
  • Mikko Rapila and Sami Mersinli at Pakastin Helsinki
  • Talma Ski / Jani Pihlajaniemi
  • Jani Kääriäinen (http://www.hemmonkuvat.com)
  • Krister Majander
  • Jukka Tyni
  • My folks for supporting me with my skate- and snowboarding activities and for helping me maintain this blog

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